Coloring Worship

We recently moved into a new home and though I loved the floor layout, the colors left something to be desired. I am a fan of neutral colors but almost every wall was the color of brown mud. The home felt sad, dreary and small. I took some time researching... read more


EPISODE 005: Five Media Recommendations for Churches with Under 1,000 in Weekly Attendance

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE: Show Notes and Resources Mentioned:   If you are a church that averages under 1,000 in weekly attendance, consider these five media recommendations:   1. Consider using high-quality Video Elements for your screens.  Resources like our or have made pre-produced content incredibly cheap. You... read more

AUDIO COMPRESSION 101: What is Compression?

There are many illusive terms floating around the audio world and “compression” is no exception. The trouble with compression is that, for such a useful tool, the parameters to control it are rather cryptic if you don’t know what you’re looking at. Coupled with urban legends about what you “should”... read more

Get the Shot: No Matter What

I once wanted to be a Photographer for National Geographic. Until I heard a story about someone they sent to the Amazon Rainforest to take pictures of an elusive monkey. To get the shot, he waded in swamp water with alligators for 48 hours; his bobbing head covered in bugs... read more

Media Under Attack

Today as I write this blog I not only write it as a Pastor but I write it as a broadcaster as well. Since 1987, in one form of another, I have had the honor to be a part of three radio stations and of course our own Wayne County... read more