EPISODE 011: 4 Tips for Producing Dynamic Services in a Portable Facility with Jonathan Hawley

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE: Show Notes and Resources Mentioned: In this episode, Jonathan Hawley, Production Director at Newspring Church Lexington, SC shares 4 tips for producing dynamic worship services for churches in a portable facility. If you do church in a high school, a theater, or other portable facility, Jonathan gives some... read more

5 Reasons You Should Have a Content Manager

Getting decent, well-written, rich content from ministries and ministry leaders can be challenging at times. Some staff simply don’t have the time, while others just simply aren’t wired to write good content. So how are we supposed to gather valuable and relevant information in order to communicate and inform members?... read more

How to Publically Read Scripture Well

Many churches read a passage of scripture during their services. That could be the psalm which a song was based on, the passage the message will focus on, or a benediction to conclude the service. Regardless of when scripture is read, or who is doing the reading, it should always... read more