Boarding the Campaign Trail

As we led our volunteer teams at our churches, we need to be involved in the conversations that are important to our culture.   Obviously this year, the political scene is a hot topic of discussion. As leaders in our churches, we need to be informed and knowledgable of our... read more

Radio, Television, and the NRB

Hello everyone and Happy 2016!! Another year in which we all can proclaim the goodness of our Lord Jesus through the various avenues He has given us. At our church, we have a radio program on the GO MIX Christian Radio Network every Sunday afternoon at 12:15 called “Pleasant News... read more


“Relevancy” is an interesting word. I understand it’s draw. To a large degree, I even understand it’s importance. So sure… keep striving for relevancy in your churches. BUT (and it’s a big one), the battle to remain relevant is one that consumes, and often detracts from our first objective (to... read more

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EPISODE 020: Juggling Traditional and Contemporary Services with Trevor Miller

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE: Show Notes: This week on the podcast, I welcome my friend Trevor Miller. Trevor currently serves at the Director of Worship Production at Mt.Horeb United Methodist Church in Lexington, SC. Mt.Horeb is a trend-setting church in the Methodist denomination, offering multiple Traditional and Contemporary style worship services each... read more

If You Only Focus on One Thing in 2016…

Full disclosure: I’m more of a pastor than a techie. Don’t get me wrong – I love all aspects of using media to create experiences where people grow closer to Jesus. I love computers, cameras, lighting, audio, sets, switchers, and other production gear. But my passion is people. So I’m... read more