Rockin’ Out with John Schlitt

Legendary Christian Rocker John Schlitt is living proof that God can radically change lives. John spent eight years with the secular band Head East and was fired because of his drug and alcohol addiction. Then the Lord turned John’s life around. Through his wife’s prayers and a local church, God led John... read more

5 Ways to Motivate Your Team

We had been defeated. Never had my wife and I worked toward a common goal with such ferocity and dedication. We had oriented every moment of our day around achieving this allusive dream and enjoying the thrill of victory and the ease of our pocketbook. It seemed simple enough. There... read more

The Ark Encounter with Mark Looy

When leading our volunteer teams, its fun to let our volunteers know about things that will strengthen and grow their faith. Whether that be devotionals, bible studies, events, or even attractions. This year at the National Religious Broadcaster’s convention, I was introduced to a new exhibit being built by Answers... read more


There is a misconception that multi-tasking makes you more productive. However, research shows that we are much more productive when we focus on one thing at a time. I ran across the video below from author and speaker Phil Cooke talking about Distractions and how one of the greatest sources of... read more

This Calls for a Celebration

Most of us reading this article have recently celebrated our church’s Easter service! Congratulations! I’m sure what you all created was a wonderful time of celebrating Jesus and telling the world about Him. Of course we all know that Easter isn’t the end. Sunday is coming. Sunday is always coming!... read more