When You Don’t Know it All

Six years ago, I stepped into a role I didn’t feel even slightly prepared to take on. My husband, Todd, and I had came down from the Detroit area with our kids so that he could take on the position of Youth Pastor at a growing church in the Cincinnati... read more

Storytelling through Photography

The church has the most important message to communicate – that everyone is unfathomably loved by God. The church needs the best communication tools to convey that message. Capturing great photos is one way to do that. Through incredible storytelling, photos can pull a viewer in and showcase powerful moments.... read more

How Headphones are Ruining Your Mix

I’ve got a confession to make. I used to be addicted to headphones. Pathetic, right? And there was even something worse that I let happen because of this (I’ll explain that in a minute). Let’s get this straight. Headphones are an extremely important tool in your live sound toolbox. They... read more

A Test of WILL

I asked Will to throw a shoe at my face when the clock hit midnight at a new year’s eve party for high-schoolers at Ginghamsburg. I had never met him before. I was just a chaperone trying to make things fun. When the clock struck midnight, I was shocked when... read more

Chasing Grace with David Temple

The faith-based drama, Chasing Grace, was released on DVD yesterday, May 3rd. Adapted from the novel Discovering Grace, the film was written, directed and executive-produced by, as well as stars, David Temple (The Confession – actor, The Last Passport – director/writer). Starring Michael Joiner (The Grace Card), Rusty Martin (Courageous) and Ashlee Payne... read more