you're never gonna please everyone

You’re Never Gonna Please Everyone

In all my experience working at a church, there’s one problem I’ve never been able to solve. It’s one of the most pervasive conflicts churches around the world experience. And it’s a huge form of strife among churchgoers – especially young adults. The conflict is this: Where do we go... read more

striking out

Striking Out

In major league baseball, most would agree that any batter with an average over .300 is considered successful. That means as long as he gets a hit 3 out of the 10 times he steps up to the plate, he’s doing a pretty good job. He could literally strike out... read more

how to fire a volunteer

How To Fire A Volunteer

Do you ever have a volunteer that is not a great fit for your team or the position they are in on your team? Do you worry about dealing with the situation because they are a volunteer? I’ve been there. You want to be gracious, but they feel entitled to... read more

video testimony checklist

Video Testimony Checklist

Many churches use video testimonies in their services to tell powerful stories of redemption and restoration ­ stories of God at work. These types of personal and intimate stories work best between friends ­ when the interviewer and interviewee know each other well. Having a friend conduct the interview allows... read more

How To Select The Right Microphone

It seems like there is a lot of mystery and mythology centered around the selection of “the perfect microphone.” So what is it that makes a mic sound good, and how can we select the right mic for our live sound application? Step 1: Placement Listen. I don’t care what... read more

how to write great announcements

How to Write Great Announcements

Every church has a chance to call their congregation to incredible opportunities of service and growth for themselves and the Kingdom of God every Sunday. Every Sunday there are opportunities to express avenues of activity that can make an eternal impact. And every Sunday these opportunities can be missed because... read more