who's the distraction

Who’s The Distraction

When I was praying with our team a few weeks ago a thought occurred to me as one of our team members prayed something to the effect of, “Lord, please help the service to go well.” Why should it go well? What if it doesn’t?  What’s the worst that could... read more

running a great band audition

Running a Great Band Audition

Running a great audition sets the tone for possible years of partnership with a band member. Taking the time to think it through and execute it well, laying a solid foundation of trust to build upon. Below are some pointers that I have learned over the years that help run... read more

Ideas for Better Sound Quality at Your Church

Ideas for Better Sound Quality at Your Church

  Sermons are carefully prepared. Worship songs are thoughtfully selected and arranged. The band is warmed up and ready to go. And the tech team has everything in place for a quality service. But there are still sound system problems… EVERY WEEK! Maybe these problems are minor and “easy” to... read more

How to Watch the RNC

Wherever you are on the political spectrum, you can’t deny that this year is a historical year for politics in our nation. Two of the most disliked candidates in history are running for President. Emotions are high. Our country is at stake. Please let me encourage you as Church Media... read more

tips for the perfect haze

Tips For The Perfect Haze

We all know the difference: a well-hazed room is virtually undetectable under normal lighting conditions – but really sings when sharp, theatrical beams cut through the ether. A poorly hazed room feels like a smoky bar with clouds of thick, opaque fog passing through like tumbleweeds. 1. Use an actual... read more

freelncing as a church media producer

Freelancing as a Church Media Producer

My first freelance gig came 2 years into my job at Ginghamsburg. The owner of a local car dealership, and member of Ginghamsburg, asked me to produce a video. He was scheduled to speak at a leadership summit and was interested in “spicing up” his presentation. He paid $500 for... read more