direct box

Why You Should Use a Direct Box

A discussion about direct boxes might seem like a terribly simple concept for some. But to be honest, this topic confused me for at least one or two seasons as a new live sound tech. In order to address the reason why we should do something or use some tool... read more

BEN-HUR: Free Resources for Your Team

The movie BEN-HUR opens in theaters nationwide today. Ben-Hur is a major Paramount Pictures/MGM motion picture and comes from the producing team of Mark Burnett (Survivor, Shark Tank, The Bible Mini-Series). Bursting with action—including a new chariot race for the ages—and elevated by Christian themes of justice, liberty and radical forgiveness, it... read more

props are things, sets are places

Props are Things, Sets are Places.

You’re playing Pictionary, and the clue to draw is “The Beach.” You sketch a sandcastle, an umbrella, and luckily someone shouts out “beach!” before you even attempt to doodle a jetty. It’s pretty easy to come up with a list of things at the beach. In fact, you can find... read more

are you services predictable

Are Your Services Predictable?

It’s easy for church services to get into a rut with Sunday coming every 7 days. Over 52 weeks a year and creative teams can start to rely on past successes instead of crafting dynamic new ones. Whether your services are timed to the minute or open ended, below are... read more

importance of a run-through

The Importance of a Run-Through

One of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of a service is a pre-service run-through.  In our current age of technology and the multitude of uses it has in our worship services, combined with the complexity of multiple people being utilized in the services, it... read more