Custom Media Roundup

Custom Media Roundup: September 30, 2016

I thought once or month or so on the blog we feature some of our favorite Custom Media projects we’ve produced for churches, ministries and other organizations. This week, I’ll feature a selection of sermon bumpers, song videos, and other content we’ve produced for some of our partners. Let us... read more


How Loud Is Too Loud?

Just when you’ve settled into your mix and things are starting to sound great you get the infamous tap on the shoulder that makes your heart sink. “My smart phone app says its 200 decibels in here!” It’s an unfortunate truth that anyone with a dangerous amount of knowledge can... read more

let hope rise

Let Hope Rise: The Hillsong Movie

The Hillsong movie Let Hope Rise opens in theaters nationwide today. The Hillsong movement started as a one-room church service in a borrowed building in the suburbs of Sydney. Since its founding by pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston in 1983, Hillsong Church has expanded to 17 global locations (including London,... read more

creative people

Creative People Are Different

Creative people are different. No secret right. Let’s be honest there are a lot of times we walk by the “creative offices” and wonder what in the world is happening in that room? There are people lying on the floor, music is blaring, ping-pong is being played and we start... read more

unplug from leadership

How To Unplug From Leadership

One of the times of year my family looks forward to the most is our annual camping trip to Lake Michigan. We sleep in a tent, cook around a campfire and spend a week without a schedule, alarms or obligations. Because my husband and I both work at a smaller... read more

propresenter operator

The Role of a Propresenter Operator

It’s so important for your volunteers to realize the role they play in creating experiences at your church. Each position is vitally important. The ProPresenter (or sub your favorite presentation software) Operator is key to presenting lyrics and media content on your screens during your worship service or event. Here... read more