video testimonies

Video Testimonies: The Pre-Interview

Many churches use video testimonies in their services to tell powerful stories of redemption and restoration.    Stories of God at work. The pre-interview is an important step in capturing these stories. The pre-interview is a chance to ask your questions before the day of the recording. This gives you... read more

negative space

Negative Space

*This article first appeared on on August 5, 2015. Check out the original article here. With any project, it can be much more powerful to leave things out rather than keep everything in.   Let’s think about some of the most recognizable brands in our culture today. Brands like FedEx,... read more


Which One Do I Represent?

Recently I attended our annual National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Orlando Florida.   It is my fourth time going but my third straight year and it is amazing how much you can really find out about yourself while attending such a Convention.   The NRB deals with Christian radio, TV,... read more

new "whine" skins

New “Whine” Skins

When I was a kid, my dad taught me the power of self control. I remember the morning well. The shower was ice cold, there were no clean spoons for my cereal, I spilled milk on my lap… when I discovered I hadn’t completed a homework assignment due that morning,... read more

stay alert

Stay Alert in the Tech Booth

Tech tips don’t always have to be about “technology”. This one is about you – The Tech! It can be easy to get caught up in the business of serving the worship team, managing technical details, and preparing for a service or special event. Sure, much of your mandate to... read more