Facebook Live with Daniel Irmler
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EPISODE 108: Everything Your Church Needs to Know about Facebook Live with Daniel Irmler (Part Two)

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE: Show Notes: Dan is the founder of among other companies that help churches across the country. Today on the show Dan and Carl will be continuing our discussion on Facebook Live and broadcasting your service. More from Daniel Irmler: Sharable Content I want you to... read more

photo team

Building A Photo Team

Hey there everybody, my name is Ben Stapley and my desire is to help you create and capture moving and memorable moments.   Today I want to give you 10 steps to build a photo team at your church. Now you might not work in the church or non-profit world... read more

Sound Outside

Sound Outside of the Sanctuary

When most people think about church sound, they immediately think of speakers, microphones, and the mixing console in a sanctuary or worship center. And that makes sense.   However, quality sound reinforcement at church often involves more than just making sure your primary worship space sounds good. It’s important to... read more