Like Arrows – Movie Release

The movie LIKE ARROWS comes to select theaters for a two night only Fathom Event on May 1st and May 3rd.   This is a great film to promote to your volunteer team, especially parents. Check out some details about the film and listen to an Exclusive Interview with Executive... read more

Syncing Song Tracks and Video via SMPTE

There are a few different methods for synchronizing an audio playback computer (running Ableton Live, Protools, etc.) and a video playback server (with ProVideoPlayer, Resolume, etc.). One of these avenues is via SMPTE Timecode. If you’ve never heard of this protocol, I’ll spare you the technical jargon and summarize that... read more

Stuck in the Median

Stuck in the Median

I’m thankful for medians on the highway. I know that sounds odd to be thankful for, but I really am. As an impatient person and an impatient driver, medians allow me to get out into traffic a little faster. They allow me to take the lanes one at a time... read more