Suggested Online Service Flow Tips

During COVID-19 we have been faced with many changes to our way of life. Our churches haven’t been immune from this change. We have been practicing social distancing in order to obey our authorities and care for our neighbors, friends, and teams. This has opened up an opportunity for the... read more


EPISODE 239: NRB 2020 Backstage Pass (Part Three) featuring Kay Arthur, June Hunt, Ray Barnhill, Brian Rogers and Barry Stallings

WATCH THE EPISODE: LISTEN TO THE EPISODE: Show Notes: In this episode of the podcast, we return to our NRB Backstage Pass recorded last month at the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention in Nashville, TN. This week we welcome Legendary Bible Teacher Kay Arthur and treasured Biblical Counselor June Hunt to... read more

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BONUS EPISODE: Coronavirus and the Church: Leader Roundtable

WATCH THE EPISODE: LISTEN TO THE EPISODE: Show Notes: This is a very special Bonus Episode of Making Sunday Happen on Coronavirus and the Church. Obviously the Coronavirus has changed the landscape of how we do church. Making Sunday Happen looks a whole lot different than it did last week.... read more