Our Top 5 Service Opener Videos

In our Ready-Made Media Library, we’ve produced hundreds of Mini-Movies, which are short form videos sharing a Biblical truth or inspiration. One type of Mini-Movie we produce nearly every month are Service Openers – these are videos designed to use at the top of your Worship Experience to bring your... read more

You’re Competing In A Visual Medium

When I launched The Online Preaching Coach, I got some pushback from a pastor who didn’t think he could learn anything from a television producer like me. Frankly, he didn’t see the need to reach people online. He was focused on rebuilding in-person church attendance — which had fallen by... read more

What Is A Video Graphics Package?

A Video Graphics Package is a collection of visual elements that can be added to a video production to enhance its overall look and feel. These elements can include things like: Open: This is usually a :10-20 video intro typically used at the beginning of a video to set the... read more


Custom Media Staff Picks – Spring 2023

Our team is passionate about crafting and creating Custom Media content for churches and ministries that serves their unique needs. This summer, we had the privilege of working on several custom design and video projects that we wanted to highlight. In this blog post, we will showcase a few of... read more