Twelve:Thirty Media exists to help churches, ministries, and artists Transform their Worship Experiences through media content and training.


We want to help the Local Church around the world see salvation and spiritual growth. We help the Church create Worship Experiences that set the environment for God to change lives.



We produce media content and training resources that help leaders craft experiences that communicate the message of the Gospel effectively.



We serve church leaders, ministry leaders and artists that plan and execute large group Physical and Online Worship Experiences.

What does Twelve:Thirty do that no one else on the market does?

We help you Transform your Worship Experience. We are a ministry that solely targets helping churches, ministries and artists enhance their weekend Worship Services and large group Experiences.


What do we want people to know us for?

Loving and Serving the Local Church. We do that through helping churches with Media Content and Training. We provide tools to help you create dynamic, engaging Worship Experiences where salvation and spiritual growth happen.


What is a Worship Experience?

A large gathering of believers that engage in worship and teaching either in-person or online. A Worship Service, a Concert, a Large Event.


Where does your name come from?

Our name comes from Mark 12:30: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.” Jesus summed up the entire Old and New Testament with two commands: Love God and Love People. And we believe that if your life is dedicated to Loving God, Loving People will flow naturally. It is our prayer that you will live your life showing others what it looks to Love God with everything you are.

We're here to help your church or ministry.

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