About Aaron Spencer

Production Director
Trinity Baptist Church | Jacksonville, FL

Aaron started learning A/V as a volunteer in his church the age of 15. He became interested enough to continue volunteering through college and eventually began a career in Media Production. He spent five years on staff as the Manager of A/V Services at PRI Productions in Jacksonville Florida. During his time at PRI he was also part of the Game Day Crew for the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team. He spent his first 2 seasons as a Camera Operator and his last 3 seasons as an Instant Replay Operator. In July of 2014, Aaron begin working on staff at Trinity Baptist Church as the church’s Production Director.  Trinity is a multi-campus church located in Jacksonville, FL.

worship environment

Live Production in the Worship Environment

Using live production in your worship environment can be a great benefit to the overall worship experience. The integrated uses of audio, video, and lighting have become a major staple in modern church worship environments. Live production in and of itself can take many forms and facets. What may be... read more

importance of a run-through

The Importance of a Run-Through

One of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of a service is a pre-service run-through.  In our current age of technology and the multitude of uses it has in our worship services, combined with the complexity of multiple people being utilized in the services, it... read more