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Communications Specialist
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Born and raised in Canada, Adam loves discussing all things marketing and communications and blogs at AdamMcLaughlin.net helping churches get clear on who they are and how to live that out. (offline, find Adam at the nearest 711 for a slurpee)

Announcements: The Holy Grail

Have you ever heard someone say “I need an announcement for this…” This is a great indication that you have an opportunity to build some parameters and understanding into your communication guidelines, and not clog up your worship experience with a 12 minute announcement section of reading everything that’s already... read more

Service Announcements: Not a Necessary Evil

How would you define announcements? Pastor: Transition time between the music and the message Comm Person: The ultimate negotiation tool Regular attender: Intermission to the restroom First time visitor: Acronyms, Event titles I don’t recognize and something about connect card? Department Lead who wants an announcement: The Holy Grail and... read more