About Brian Damerow

Media Director
Revolution Church | Canton, GA

Brian has served as the Media Director at Revolution Church in Canton, Georgia since 2012. He oversees all production throughout the church and leads a team of over 70 volunteers in the areas of audio, video, lighting, and stage design. He also helps produce all media content for their worship services. Brian has been a Front-of-House Audio Engineer for over 10 years. He graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Business Management. He has been married to his wife Paige for almost three years and are expecting their first baby girl in the coming months. Brian loves playing golf, the drums, and watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Going Beyond The Technical

While leading and serving within the technical aspects of the church, sometimes as leaders we can run the risk of focusing too much on the tech and not enough on the people. Yes I love a glitch free service as much as the next person, however, if that is our... read more