About Chuck Scoggins

Founder and Owner of Inspire Resources
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Chuck Scoggins has dedicated 20 years to serving churches, businesses, and NGOs, with a passion for both local and national church contexts. He began his journey in high school, assisting his youth pastor and continued to pursue his calling through Christian Ministry studies at Shorter University. With experience in youth ministry and church communications, Chuck has also served as Executive Director of The Center for Church Communication (CFCC) for 7 years. Currently, he focuses on his digital marketing agency, MissionAlign, partnering with organizations like Full Strength Network to support mission-minded individuals. Alongside his professional accomplishments, Chuck treasures his 20-year marriage to Amy and their three sons.

Practical Ways for Churches to Use AI

In an era driven by technological advancements, the mention of artificial intelligence (AI) can evoke mixed feelings among many, including those within the church community. Some may find the concept overwhelming, while others may even view it with skepticism or fear. However, it is essential to recognize that embracing AI... read more