About Jason Dyba

Creative Project Manager
Passion City Church

In 2015, just before turning 30, Jason and his wife, Cara, moved down to Atlanta in order to join the staff of Passion, under the leadership of Louie and Shelley Giglio. There, on the Passion Conferences team, Jason develops creative elements for their worldwide events. An accomplished songwriter, Jason’s songs are published by LifeWay Worship and have been recorded by a wide range of artists, most notably “In The End”, recorded by GRAMMY Award-winning worship artist Chris Tomlin on his 2014 release, “Love Ran Red.” Jason currently lives in Atlanta with his wife Cara. 

Syncing Song Tracks and Video via SMPTE

There are a few different methods for synchronizing an audio playback computer (running Ableton Live, Protools, etc.) and a video playback server (with ProVideoPlayer, Resolume, etc.). One of these avenues is via SMPTE Timecode. If you’ve never heard of this protocol, I’ll spare you the technical jargon and summarize that... read more