About Jason Dyba

Writer + Producer

Jason Dyba is a freelance writer and producer. He’s scripted works for John Maxwell, Louie Giglio, Chick-fil-A, The Home Depot, Passion Conference, and the Global Leadership Summit. He’s written songs for Chris Tomlin and Sean Curran; speaks regularly on creativity; and has directed pieces with Matthew McConaughey and Malcolm Gladwell.

Prior to his current work, Jason was a full-time creative for 15 years in the Church, first at Long Hollow Church (Nashville) and then at Passion City Church (Atlanta).

Syncing Song Tracks and Video via SMPTE

There are a few different methods for synchronizing an audio playback computer (running Ableton Live, Protools, etc.) and a video playback server (with ProVideoPlayer, Resolume, etc.). One of these avenues is via SMPTE Timecode. If you’ve never heard of this protocol, I’ll spare you the technical jargon and summarize that... read more