About Joel Van Mersbergen

Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts
North County Christ the King | Lynden, WA

Joel was raised in a Christian family and has worked hard to serve Jesus most of his life. He has always loved music, and from the day he bought his first electric guitar Joel has been involved in worship teams. Joel is passionate about communicating the Gospel to people in ways that are engaging, moving, and vibrant.  Today, Joel gets to do this by serving as the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts at North County Christ the King, leading a team of gifted people who are in charge of publications, graphic design, video production, stage production and music.

who's the distraction

Who’s The Distraction

When I was praying with our team a few weeks ago a thought occurred to me as one of our team members prayed something to the effect of, “Lord, please help the service to go well.” Why should it go well? What if it doesn’t?  What’s the worst that could... read more

This Calls for a Celebration

Most of us reading this article have recently celebrated our church’s Easter service! Congratulations! I’m sure what you all created was a wonderful time of celebrating Jesus and telling the world about Him. Of course we all know that Easter isn’t the end. Sunday is coming. Sunday is always coming!... read more

It’s About Time

As worship creatives we often have a lot going on inside and outside of our heads. It can be great! That’s where a lot of our creativity comes from but there are times when all that activity can be overwhelming. With an abundance of “stuff” we can often feel like... read more

Let Them Contribute

A few weeks ago after a worship service I received some great advice from a businessman that applies to our role as Worship Leaders. Every week our goal is to lead people in worship and usually there is some sort of point where we talk, whether it’s at the beginning... read more