About Luke McElroy

Author / Speaker / Entrepreneur
Orange Thread Media | Nashville, TN

Luke is the founder and visionary behind Orange Thread Media, the parent company to Orange Thread Live EventsTripleWide Media and the creative arts conference: SALT Nashville. Beyond his ability to cast vision for creativity in live events and worship environments, he’s passionate about mentoring, leadership and teamwork. Some of the work he and his team created have been used by American Idol, Blake Shelton, Bill Engvall and thousands of churches around the entire world.

Satan’s Lie

I just finished writing my book on finding your creative potential. There’s a section of the book that I called ‘Satan’s Lie’ that is so important to the creative process, that I wanted to share a few thoughts. Here’s the part that’s in the book: Satan has never created anything.... read more

best content

The Best Content for Environmental Projection

We all know that content is king. However, when you enlarge your canvas, using an immersive environmental projection setup, this statement becomes so much more accurate. The overarching idea behind environmental projection is not to have a really large projection, but to create an environment. Ideally, that environment will take... read more