About Shawn Reece

Founder of Sociable.Church
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Shawn started a youth pastor, worship pastor, and then executive pastor, for many years and then took some time away from ministry to find ways to reach more people outside of the typical church approach. He worked in the business world as a web developer and marketing director. There he learned and was certified in several marketing practices.

He then returned to full time ministry, starting out at a mega church as a storyteller and films associate, he worked his way up to marketing director in just under three years. He then worked for the past few years at Faith Promise Church in Knoxville adapting the strategies he learned in the corporate world to work in the church world, seeing a lot of success in this.

Now, with the experience in the business and ministry world, he has founded Sociable.Church. Through Sociable.Church Shawn works hand in hand with churches to guide them through their marketing journeys and connecting their communities with God’s Story.

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COVID-19 and Beyond

I want to give you some practical ideas of things you can do from a marketing standpoint during the COVID-19 pandemic, once we’re through it, and into the next crisis. (Oh, it’s coming, it always does.) Let’s get started: 1. It’s not about attendance, it’s about opportunities The church in... read more