About Tyler Smith

Student Pastor
Covenant United Methodist Church

Tyler Smith is an avid lover of black coffee, adventure, and the outdoors. He is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and a student pastor in Greenville, S.C. He was born and raised in Columbia S.C. He attended high school in Columbia as well as college where he received a bachelor’s degree in Bible and Youth Ministry from Columbia International University. He has served in student ministry inside the local church for the past six years and has a deep desire for seeing the next generation become authentic worshippers of Jesus Christ. He has a huge heart for walking alongside of students and families in genuine discipleship for the goal of true transformation through the Gospel’s power.

Programming Like Jesus

If Jesus Christ were to create a student program what would it look like?  This is no small question and our responses to this question are worthy of deep thought, meditation, and prolonged periods of prayer. This question should lay before every pastor, church leader, and volunteer who has a... read more