Church Online Tip #16 – Craft Online for Online

Today’s Church Online Tip is this: Craft Online for Online What do I mean by that?   I mean plan your Online Worship Experience with your Online audience in mind.   Be intentional about crafting your services specifically for online participation. And online experience is different than in in-person gathering.   Here are 3... read more

Church Online Chat Host Best Practices

Here are 10 general best practices for chat hosts across all platforms along with 4 particular tips for Facebook and CHoP from Life.Church. Utilizing these practices will make the experience engaging for your guests.  All Platforms Two Hosts At Each Service – This allows the hosts to chat with each... read more

Church Online Tip #14 – Engage your Givers

Today’s Church Online Tip is this: Engage your Givers Now is the time to meaningfully and regularly engage with the donors in your church.   Though you don’t want to over-communicate giving, it doesn’t mean that giving can’t be present in your normal communication to your church body.   You can connect donors to the... read more