Church Online Tip #16 – Craft Online for Online

Today’s Church Online Tip is this: Craft Online for Online What do I mean by that?   I mean plan your Online Worship Experience with your Online audience in mind.   Be intentional about crafting your services specifically for online participation. And online experience is different than in in-person gathering.   Here are 3... read more

Church Online Chat Host Best Practices

Here are 10 general best practices for chat hosts across all platforms along with 4 particular tips for Facebook and CHoP from Life.Church. Utilizing these practices will make the experience engaging for your guests.  All Platforms Two Hosts At Each Service – This allows the hosts to chat with each... read more

Church Online Tip #14 – Engage your Givers

Today’s Church Online Tip is this: Engage your Givers Now is the time to meaningfully and regularly engage with the donors in your church.   Though you don’t want to over-communicate giving, it doesn’t mean that giving can’t be present in your normal communication to your church body.   You can connect donors to the... read more

Church Online Tip #7 – Follow Up is Key

Today’s Church Online Tip is this: Follow Up is Key   Your probably seeing more people on watching your church online than every before. I’ve talked with several pastors who are amazed at the attendance they are seeing online. Some churches are seeing 3-4x the amount of people watching online as... read more