Recording a Sunday Message on a Budget

A great outreach and “inreach” for churches is to make their Sunday morning messages available to their congregation. It is super handy to have to give to those who cannot physically come to church, or have to miss a Sunday for a variety of reasons. A quality Sunday message audio... read more

What is NDI? (Network Device Interface)

Hi! My name is Rodger King and I’m the head of the IT/Support Department at EasyWorship. There is a new technology in the video & audio transmission market that has revolutionized how video and audio are transmitted in a production environment. NDI is a new technology pioneered by NewTek that... read more


Leading Lyrics in Worship: The How

Leading lyrics, the practice of transitioning slides ahead of the time they need to be sung, is an important part of corporate worship in our churches today. In my previous blog, I explained why this is so important. And in this blog, I will be explaining how to actually lead lyrics. HOW DO... read more


Leading Lyrics: The Why

Leading lyrics is an important part of corporate worship in our churches today. Even though this can seem minuscule in scope compared to the audio mix in the room, the lighting used in our services, the style of our teaching and communication, and many other aspects of our corporate gatherings,... read more