running a great band audition

Running a Great Band Audition

Running a great audition sets the tone for possible years of partnership with a band member. Taking the time to think it through and execute it well, laying a solid foundation of trust to build upon. Below are some pointers that I have learned over the years that help run... read more

Rockin’ Out with John Schlitt

Legendary Christian Rocker John Schlitt is living proof that God can radically change lives. John spent eight years with the secular band Head East and was fired because of his drug and alcohol addiction. Then the Lord turned John’s life around. Through his wife’s prayers and a local church, God led John... read more


Coloring Worship

We recently moved into a new home and though I loved the floor layout, the colors left something to be desired. I am a fan of neutral colors but almost every wall was the color of brown mud. The home felt sad, dreary and small. I took some time researching... read more

Let it Breathe.

When planning service orders, most of us pay closest attention to the songs we put in the set list. Typically, the average service order will stay the same give or take a video here or a special piece there. However, one of the arguably most important parts of the service... read more