Church Online Tip #13 – Put your Pastors in the Chat

Today’s Church Online Tip is this:

Put your Pastors in the Chat.

If you are using something like Church Online Platform, Living as One, Vimeo Livestream or Facebook Live or another platform, most Streaming Providers will provide you with a dedicated chat window to use to interact with viewers during your Livestream.


My suggestion to you is this: have dedicated Staff Members, Volunteers, and Pastors in the chat ready to greet people and answer questions.


Being in the chat during the Livestream allows Pastors to share additional insight and engage with your audience in real time.

You might also consider turning your Greeters into Chatters. Your hospitality team would be a great fit to be in the chat window during your Livestream. Door Greeters, Parking Attendants, Guest Services volunteers – invite these people into your online process and turn them into an online army to interact with members and guests.


A few ideas for topics for the chat:
  • Tell people to post where they are watching from.
  • Engage with Polls and Questions.
  • Put helpful links and resources that pertain to the Pastor’s Message.
  • Put resources for Parents to share with their Kids.
  • Put a list of your Scheduled Small Groups or other Online Activities.


Make it fun. This is the time to get creative.


Remember, people is the name of the game here.
People are not after a friendly church, they are after a friend.


Be a friend online as people join you.

Turn your Greeters into Chatters.

Put your Pastors in the Chat.

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