Church Online Tip #15 – Use Zoom for Small Groups and Bible Studies

Today’s Church Online Tip is this:

Use Zoom for Small Groups and Bible Studies

In the past, connection has been limited. People had to work harder to be engaged in each other’s lives. It’s technology like ZOOM that has made our world smaller. If we were to take advantage of the tools available to us and use them to meet real people where they are and care for and engage with them, even while doing it from a distance, God can use that.


We suggest Pre-Recording and Simulating Live your Worship Experience, but I suggest using Zoom or another Video Chat software to stay connected with members in a small group or Bible Study settings.


To get set up with Zoom, grab our Zoom Guide for Churches, it will really help you get started well with the software.


But I thought I’d give you a few fun resources to make your Zoom Small Groups or Bible Studies fun.
  • You could play games like Bingo, Scattergories, Trivia, Charades, CatchPhrase, Karaoke, Pictionary.
  • You can find some fun Zoom Virtual Backgrounds at
Also, a couple of tricks and ideas for you:
  • Make sure you comb through your Zoom Settings before your meeting so that you can set things like muting people as they come into your meeting, and other controls you have as the host.
  • You can host after service prayer “Rooms” using Zoom to give your congregation a chance to meet after the service to pray or to hang out.
  • You can host your Kids or Student Ministry hangouts on Zoom.
Zoom and other Video Chat software are great to use for building an online community.


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Use Zoom for Small Groups and Bible Studies

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