Church Online Tip #14 – Engage your Givers

Today’s Church Online Tip is this:

Engage your Givers

Now is the time to meaningfully and regularly engage with the donors in your church.


Though you don’t want to over-communicate giving, it doesn’t mean that giving can’t be present in your normal communication to your church body.


You can connect donors to the reality that their giving is making an impact in your community. You can talk about giving, without only talking about giving.

Here’s some ways to do that:
  1. THANK
  • Something as simple as thanking givers can quickly and simply communicate that their sacrifice is appreciated and is making ad difference. You can include phrases like
    • “Thank you for your faithfulness.”
    • “Thank you for your act of worship through giving.”
    • “Thank you for partnering with us and others financially to advance His Kingdom.”


  • When it comes to Giving, we can disciple people and remind them that:
    • When they give to their local church, they are giving to God.
    • Giving increases our faith.
    • The Bible says that whether in seasons of drought or harvest, God’s people are encouraged to give sacrificially.
                    (2 Corinthians 8, Luke 21:1-4, Matthew 26:6-13)


  • You can emphasize that all giving matters. Every gift. Every person. Every amount. Make sure that your members know that ministry happens because of everyone’s financial contributions.
  • Share stories from people who were both blessed to give and blessed to receive.


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Engage your Givers

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