Church Online Tip #22 – Engage with your Kids with Online VBS

Today’s Church Online Tip is this:

Engage with your Kids with Online VBS

Even though churches are slowly reopening – I’ve heard from many different churches that kids and student ministry they are not touching with a 10-foot pool. For a lot of churches, its just not smart or safe to open back up Children’s Ministry, Nurseries, Awana, things like that.


So what are you going to do with your kids?


You can enhance your church online by providing Digital Solutions for your Kids.
The same? No. But at least it will engage kids on their level.


As I mentioned earlier, one ministry that has created an entire Online VBS is GO! Curriculum.


Here’s what they have done =
It’s a backyard theme with outside games.
They have included short bible stories, music and worship segments with lyric videos, fun sports clips and other things.


I want to give you this idea for you to either create something similar at your church.
Our team can help you do that.


Or you can purchase an online VBS from a ministry.


BOLT’s Church License is only $185 per church and $25 per family.


I would also check out our friends at Doorpost Songs, Seeds Family Worship, Children’s Ministry Deals and Yancy Ministries.
All of these guys are producing great content for your kids.


Don’t leave the Kids out of Online Worship.


So, my Church Online Tip for you today:

Engage with your Kids with Online VBS