Church Online Tip #25 – Play to the Camera, Not Just the Room

Today’s Church Online Tip is this:

Play to the Camera, Not Just the Room

If you are still 100% online if you are Livestreaming your service from the church or you are recording from your home, play to the camera.


If 95% of your audience is watching you on a screen, talk to them, not an empty room.


I noticed several pastors preaching to the pews that we all know are empty. Who are you talking to bro? Your wife and the 2 camera guys?


Don’t be afraid to look straight into the camera and talk right to your online audience. Let them know that you see them and that what you are saying is for them.


As we start to come back to the auditorium, and you are preaching and speaking from the podium with limited people in the room or a full house, I still want to encourage you to play to both audiences. Look at the people in the room, and also find times to look right at the camera. If you have a multi-cam setup and the red light is on the camera, you know that’s the camera your eyes need to find occasionally.


I’m encouraged to see more pastors see the need for both a physical gathering and an Online Experience.
It’s not going away, the train is down the track. You’re going to have people watching in both locations = in the room and on their screen.
Speak to both.


So, my Church Online Tip for you today:

Play to the Camera, Not Just the Room