Church Online Tip #28 – Use a Graphics Package

Today’s Church Online Tip is this:

Use a Graphics Package for your Online Worship Experience


What do I mean by this?


A Graphics or Broadcast Package is a term used in the TV and video world that refers to the video branding used with a show.


It usually consists of things like a Short Opener, Lower Thirds graphics or animations, Transitional Elements, Accent or Over the Shoulder elements, bugs, a short Close.


Our team at 12:30 creates a graphics package for each church that we do Video Announcements for.
We’ve also created a lot of these for podcasts, church broadcasts, and more.


Consider using a Graphics Package for your Online Experience.


You can create a package if you had an in-house video team.
If you don’t, we can help you.


If you use a Graphics Package, it can take your Online Experiences up a notch in production quality without having to spend a whole lot of money and time every single week.


You can use the same package of media elements every week.


You can use an opener and have it go into a Welcome Video, then have a lower third with your pastor’s name and title, you can use a transitional element into your worship set, with lower thirds of lyrics, and so on.


It can be a one-time package of media that you can reuse and your experiences will level up in production quality quickly.


It’s okay to start with what you have, and it’s okay to take your production level up some as you grow.


So, my Church Online Tip for you today:

Use a Graphics Package for your Online Worship Experience