Church Online Tip #32 – Stream Your Music Legally

Today’s Church Online Tip is this:

Stream Your Music Legally


As you move to pour more energy into your digital experiences and portions of those experiences, namely the worship portions, are streaming to social media sites as well, you’ll want to be prepared when it comes to your music licensing.


Most churches use CCLI to cover all in-person worship gatherings, but be aware that CCLI also has an add-on live-streaming license.


CCLI stands for Christian Copyright Licensing International


The Christian music that has been released in the past decades has been released by people who have worked and poured their lives into making music for the church.


CCLI helps the church stay within the bounds of legality and allows us to do ministry without the possibility of abusing the music we use in our church’s.



CCLI offers 3 distinct options.
  • You can get a COPYRIGHT LICENSE to ensure your church is covered simply and legally. This license is tailored to your singing activities.
  • Another service option is SONG SELECT which is a source of licensed content that draws from a library of more than 100,000 songs of worship.
  • And the last service is CHURCH VIDEO LICENSE & SCREEN VUE.


SONG SELECT is a another TOOL from CCLI that will help you in your role at your church. SONG SELECT will help you plan and prepare your band for worship and also will serve your production team. CCLI’s SONG SELECT allows you to transpose the music you have picked into the desired key.


CCLI serves not just the worship leaders of a church. Actually, this service serves the entire church.


Worship leaders benefit from the many tools and resources, but Pastors have a message to share and CCLI can help you legally support that message through the use of media.


Make sure you have your CCLI and add-on Livestreaming license in place before you stream your service, especially the worship.