Church Online Tip #36 – Update your Website

Today’s Church Online Tip is this:

Update your Website


Online is here to stay. And the more people engage with your church online, the more important your website is to your church.


It is your front door.


It is the first thing people see about your church.


If it is outdated or unkempt, people notice.


We have a playroom in our house that my two boys destroy. It is a monster to keep that room clean.
We just kind of close the door and pretend it’s clean in there.


You might have that closet in your house that you never go into. You know its there and is something you’ve always been needing to clean but you just kind of let it stay there and not worry about.


The same is true with your website.
You might know it’s there, and know you need to work on it, but it’s something you’ll get around to if you have time.


The difference is your website is not a closet you can ignore. It’s not a playroom that your guests may or may not go into. Because online is here to stay, your website is your front door – no matter your church size.


People can and do find your church online. It is probably one of the first things they do when considering attending your church in person or online.


One of the first steps to upping your Church Online game – update your website.


Pour some time, energy, and money into making it not only presentable but something to be proud of.


So, my Church Online Tip for you today:

Make it Interactive