Church Online Tip #2 – Pre-Record your Worship Experience and Simulate Live

Today’s Church Online Tip is this:

Pre-Record your Worship Experience and Simulate Live

Here are my reasons why I’m suggesting this:
  1. You can record multiple services in one setup if you needed. This might save you trips to the church or trips to someone’s house, that sort of thing.
  1. If you’re streaming provider goes down or has any glitch (and several have over the last few weeks), you’re sunk. If you have a pre-recorded video, even if you’re simulated Live stream goes down, you can easily point people to your website to an embedded full video of your service and you’re back up and rolling quickly.
  2. You can still Simulate Live so that it is still an event that people attend.
  3. You can make it look better. You will have more control over what is on your video in post-production.
        – If you have trouble putting your service together, we are happy to help you at if you need help editing your service together.
  1. You can involve more people. And involve people that might not normally have a role in your service.
        – more people can submit videos that are fun and engaging
  1. Your pastors can be in the comments engaging with people during the service.
  2. It can reduce stress on streaming day. If you’re a pastor or leader, to record your piece of the service ahead of time relieves stress.

Let me give you two of my favorite churches that I have seen do this well:

Gainesville First UMC:

In Gainesville, GA

CityView Bible Church:

In Round Rock, TX

Check those churches out to give you some ideas of how you can do Church Online

So, my Church Online Tip for you today:

Pre-Record your Worship Experience and Simulated Live on Facebook or YouTube.

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