5 Ways Your Church Can Benefit from Fiverr.com

If you aren’t familiar with fiverr.com, it is a service based site where a multitude of services are offered, all starting at $5.

From graphic design, to digital marketing, to language translation- Fiverr has it all, from professionals and amateurs who are looking at creating a diverse portfolio.

As a church, there are endless ways you can utilize this service, but we will focus on 5 here.

1. Graphics

Unless you are a larger church, you probably do not have a graphic designer on staff. And unless you know someone, you are left paying what can sometimes be a high price. On Fiverr, you can find a variety of artists, sample their work, and have a baseline (typically they are $5).

2. Digital Awareness

We live in the internet age. Any person that comes to your church has already googled you, checked your Facebook page, and probably gotten frustrated with your website. With seemingly as many churches as websites, you only get one shot to grab a person’s attention. With Fiverr you can hire professionals ranging from Social Media to SEO. One “gig” I found promised to push the buyer to number 1 on Google in 40 days. For $5. I think every church could benefit from that!

3. Writing

When I was working at my last church, any time we had an event we had to come up with some catchy copy to not only explain what was happening, but grab attention, and be short. It typically meant hours if not days or brainstorming. However, with Fiverr, you can delegate the wording to a pro, and just send over the information!

4. Bumpers

Again, unless you work for a big church, you don’t have a designer on staff. This is always especially troubling when it is time to search for Sermon Bumper videos. But with Fiverr, you can find what you are looking for, for a low price.

5. Endless Possibilities

There is even a category on Fiverr called “fun and bizarre”, where you can find just about anything! Do you need a celebrity impersonation for a sermon illustration? Fiverr has it. Need a trivia game created? Fiverr has it. Need a guy to do a backflip while having your writing on his fists (who caresnwhy- there’s no judgement on Fiverr!) Fiverr has it.

Fiverr might not be what you need for every project, but more than likely, if will suit your needs every now and then. We all get overwhelmed and need to delegate a few things, and Fiverr provides that opportunity.

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Author Photo- Josh Williams
Worship Pastor
Velocity Church | Greenville, SC

Josh is a native of Greenville, SC, where he lives with his wife, Dorothy, and daughter, Juliette.  With just about 10 years of some sort of creative ministry experience, he serves at Velocity Church leading the worship, production, and stage design teams. Starting in music, he began to become interested in the technical side of making worship services happen.  While serving at Lowcountry Community Church in Bluffton, SC- he began to learn and experiment with stage design and lighting. Since then, he has created many stage designs and consulted to help churches think creatively despite their size or budget. Josh’s goal in his ministry is to point people to Jesus, and believes that all the pieces of a service, from booth to stage and everywhere in between, need to work together to point to a singular goal of Christ.

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