COVID-19 Resources for Your Church

The Ultimate Livestreaming Guide

by Steve Dirks


This ebook is your ultimate guide to starting to Live-streaming at your church. Step by step how to’s along with helpful links for you and your team to plan and execute connecting your church online. God is giving us the opportunity to use what has been corrupted by our culture for so long, as a platform to display the glory of Christ and His bride, the church.


The Coronavirus has impacted our churches in a major way. We have created this special pack of graphical content to help you and your church communicate, respond, and engage with your church during this time.

This service pack INCLUDES:

  • Countdown
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Still Backgrounds
  • Motion Backgrounds


The Coronavirus has impacted our churches in a major way. We have created this 2nd special pack of graphical content to help you and your church communicate, respond, and engage with your church during this time.

This service pack INCLUDES:

  • Countdown
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Still Backgrounds
  • Motion Backgrounds


Church At Home Social Volume One Service Pack is a dynamic collection perfect for connecting with your congregation at home. Featuring 20 social media graphics, donated by Graphic Designer Derek Walker, this collection will help you create an incredible virtual worship experience.

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This ebook is a Step-by-Step guide to getting your content online and sharing it with others. This a great tool for everyone on your entire team to have access to.


It is our heart at Twelve:Thirty Media to serve you.

We deeply love and care for the Church.

We’ve decided to slash the price of our Entire Ready-Made Library by 50% for the foreseeable future through COVID-19.

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This past Sunday, I reviewed nearly 50 churches and how they did church online.

Here are some things I observed and some tips that might help you.

  1. I found that most churches either Pre-Recorded or Livestreamed their Worship and Message to an empty room or with few people in the room. I think this Sunday, we’ll see a move to more Pre-Recorded services or Messages from the Pastor’s home.

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The Coronavirus pandemic in the US has impacted people’s health, communities, relationships, sports (NBA Season, NCAA tournament cancellations), and so much more. One of the ripple effects that we, the collective body of Christ, felt was that many of us chose not to meet in person at our physical locations. This impacted the church of Christ as a whole, but this is really just ONE way that COVID-19 is affecting God’s people. There are other areas that we as a church need to be mindful of and think about as we encounter and respond to this pandemic that is facing us.

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Sending livestream links to friends to feeds on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitch and the like, has made it much easier to for us to invite our friends into our faith communities.

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The church, and the world, are experiencing a digital shift. Churches who have never streamed before, are now being forced to take that step. Arron Hartt shares a few things he has learned during his time in ministry.

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A simple, comprehensive post for setting your Pastor up to stream at home or on the go. Also includes an amazon shopping list and simple gear list for you to set your pastor up for success in capturing his own content.

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The vision for web streaming is that those cameras in your auditorium are like missionaries. What they are capturing is beaming the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world. While many technical volunteers are very shy, the web streaming ministry gives them an opportunity to come out of their shell and belong to a group that is literally reaching the entire world for Jesus.

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In an effort to let you know what the ministries that serve you are doing, we asked several leaders in our industry to come together for a special roundtable discussion to talk through several things.

We talked through…
– The State of the Church – where we are and what we are seeing
– The State of Conferences – what’s being canceled and moved and what’s not at this time
– Resources and Training available to you.
– Some Communications strategies and more.

We’ve gathered a powerhouse lineup of leaders in our space.

Luke McElroy – SALT
Justin Dean – ThatCC
Katie Allred – Church Communications
Kenny Jahng – Church Communications
Luke Miller – Worship House Media
Ryan Wakefield – Church Marketing University
Ben Stapley – author, speaker, communicator
Stephen Brewster – consultant

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Welcome to a very special Bonus Episode of Making Sunday Happen on Coronavirus and the Church.

We welcome James Wasem back to the podcast. James and Carl talked through some best practices and tips for Audio on your Livestream.

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We’re welcoming Collin Jones and Nate Anderson from Living as One to the show.

We talked with these guys about how to engage your community with your Livestream, how to get started quickly, we talked through video gear, encoders, your system, your streaming destinations, and more.

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Outreach has released a tool called FreeOnlineChurch .com that allows you to create a free landing page for your Livestream.

You can embed your Facebook or YouTube feed to give your visitors a dedicated page to view your content to keep them more engaged.

Kevin walks through how to use the platform and what’s being added in the weeks to come.

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“HOW TO” Content


Watch this video to create a landing page for your church to watch your Facebook/Youtube Livestreams. With Notes and Bible available right on the stream view this an amazing resource for your church if you do not already have a landing page for your stream.




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