The Ultimate Guide for Presenting Church Announcements

Over the last few years on our blog and on episodes of The Church Media Podcast, we have talked in great detail about church announcements, both stage announcements with a host, and video announcements. In this blog post, I wanted to curate all this great content from our authors and guests into one post for you.
Before I share this material, let me also recommend a great ebook on the topic of Stage Announcements by my friend Adam McLaughlin.
The book talks about ways to prepare, present and reinforce your announcements from stage. It gives you some great practical steps to have memorable and effective announcements from the stage.
Check out Adam’s E-Book Snorkelfork

Here are some great articles and podcast episodes on the topics of Stage and Video Announcements.
Stage Announcements
how to write great announcements
structure a church announcement

Video Announcements
Shooting Video Announcements
Jonathan Drake

I hope this content will help you as you present announcements at your church.
We would love to help you if you have any questions or need some help producing announcement content.
We offer Graphic Design as well as Video Announcement services to help your church. Contact our team today for help.