Leading Creatives: The Art of Feedback

Creative Leaders!

It’s your job as a leader to help them hit the target…

I could write a book on how to give constructive feedback to your creative team, but in this post, let’s focus on one important technique:

Stop telling them what you don’t like, and start telling them what you do like.


Far too many leaders will look at a design, script, video, or other creative project and simply say, “I don’t like it” and then walk out of the room.

That doesn’t help.


If all you can communicate is that you don’t like something, that doesn’t help the creative team know anything about what your looking for, or what you’re trying to achieve. They’ll just go back to the drawing board and take another random stab in the dark.

(And you wonder why your creative projects take so long.)

For the record, it’s actually OK to share what you don’t like but give them some direction. “I don’t like that narration. I’m thinking about something more emotional,” is better.

The more specific you can be, the greater likelihood they’ll hit the target on the next pass.

This article is reposted with permission from Phil Cooke.
Check out his blog over at PhilCooke.com