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Free Sponsorship



What’s Required:

  • An E-Mail List of at least 5,000
  • Two HTML E-Mails sent to your List
  • 780×305 Ad Image

What’s Included:

  • FREE Sponsor Image in One Blog Post for Life

About our Community

We have a growing community of Church Media Staff,  Pastors, Worship Leaders, Communicators and Volunteers that visit our site every day to purchase Ready-Made and Custom Media content and explore Training to enhance their Worship Experiences.

We view our sponsors as Ministry Partners and we only accept sponsorships from ministries and organizations we believe in and are on mission to serve the Church. The most effective sponsors with us are those who offer a product or service that help churches enhance their Worship Experiences. The categories of people we target who plan, create and execute Worship Experiences are:

  • First Impressions / Guest Services Teams
  • Church Communications Teams
  • Church Media Production Teams
  • Teaching and Sermon Helps for Pastors
  • Worship Teams
  • Volunteers

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If you are interested in our Sponsorship Opportunities, please complete the form below and tell us about your ministry or organization. Our team will contact you to talk through details and to schedule your sponsorship.