10 People to Follow in Church Media

As creative people, we are always searching for those great minds on Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, and Periscope to throw some inspiration our way.

While this is in no way a “definite” or complete list, here are 10 people I believe you need to follow on in the Church Media space:

Stephen Brewster

Follow Stephen on Twitter:  @b_rewster

– I start with Stephen Brewster, Creative Pastor at Crosspoint Church in Nashville. I’ve only met him once, but he has such a creative mind and is so willing and eager to share it with anyone in order to further the Gospel! He used to send out encouraging tweets on Sundays to worship leaders he found on twitter. I have gotten to meet him and I can say with all certainty he cares so much about the Church (universal) growing, and if he can help- he will!

Carlos Whittaker

– Follow Carlos on Twitter: @loswhit

– Carlos Whittaker, people either love him or hate him- because he is genuine. I think as we search for these people to follow- we can easily get snared into highlight reels and perfectly crafted updates. Carlos is Carlos, and Carlos is real. He is also a phenomenal speaker, worship leader, and author on how to make amazing moments in your life. Well worth the follow.

Carl Barnhill

– Carl Barnhill: @carlbarnhill

– [twelve:thirty]media: @twelve30media

– Well this one should be a no brainer! Carl and [twelve:thirty]media provide incredible worship media, custom media, and training resources for your production team. Check out The Church Media Podcast and the 12:30 Blog for free production training, advice, and tips for creating powerful experiences at your church.

Jeff McIntosh

– Follow Jeff on Twitter: @JRSMcIntosh

– Follow Church Motion Graphics: @ChurchMotion

– Jeff McIntosh has created an amazing website that many of you are probably aware of- Church Motion Graphics. It is a subscription based motion graphic website. You get a fresh pack each month. This twitter account will also tell you when there are free loops, and includes some amazing jokes, tagged at #cmgjokes.

Josh Blankenship

– Follow Josh on Twitter: @jdb_creative

– Josh hosts the Creative Church Show Podcast and is an expert in the world of Social Media for churches. He also writes frequently on his blog at joshblankenshp.me offering practical tools and resources for your church.

Brady Shearer

– Follow Brady on Twitter: @BradyShearer

– Brady owns and operates ProChurchTools, an organization dedicated to resourcing the church with training in the area of church media. He hosts The ProChurch Podcast, is a blogger, and creative. Check out ProChurchTools at prochurchtools.com

Jonathan Malm

– Follow Jonathan on Twitter: @jonathanmalm

– Jonathan is a church media guru. He writes devotional books, he hosts a website for stage designs, writes an online magazine about creative stuff. You can check out sundaymag.tv, churchstagedesignideas.com, and Jonathan’s books and other projects at jonathanmalm.com.

Luke McElroy

– Follow Luke on Twitter: @lukemcelroy

– Luke is the founder of Orange Thread Media, the parent company to Orange Thread Live Events, TripleWide Media, and the creative arts conference SALT Nashville. Luke is passionate about mentoring, leadership and teamwork. Learn more about Luke at lukemcelroy.com.

Darrel Girardier

– Follow Darrel on Twitter: @dgirardier

– Darrel is the Digital Strategy Director at Brentwood Baptist Church in Brentwood, TN. He focuses on helping churches utilize social media and technology in advancing their mission. He hosts the Ask Darrel Podcast and writes about church life and social media at darrelgirardier.com.

Phil Cooke

– Follow Phil on Twitter: @PhilCooke

– An internationally known writer and speaker, Phil Cooke has actually produced media programming in nearly 50 countries around the world. Through his company Cooke Pictures in Burbank, California – he’s helped some of the largest nonprofit organizations and leaders in the world use the media to tell their story in a changing, disrupted culture.

Here are a few bonus people to follow:


Jeremy Cowart

– Jeremy Coward on Twitter: @jeremycowart

– Jeremy Cowart is probably my favorite photographer. Well to be fair I didn’t have one before, and I just like how real and honest he is. But he wants to help people grow in their own photography skills, as well as helping others with his #helpportrait campaigns!



– Henry Blackaby: @experiencingGod

– John Piper: @johnpiper

– AW Tozer: @TozerAW

– As creative techies, we cannot forget the reason we are pursuing the life that we are.  I would encourage you to follow several theologians or pastors.  I have listed a few that I follow.  You might not agree with my theologians (which is okay!), but try to find some that challenge you and help grow you as you study God’s word.


John Weirick

– Follow John on Twitter: @johnweirick

– John is a friend of mine here in Greenville, and an amazing writer.  He is serious about building intentional relationships and wanting others to learn how to build them as well.  Whatever our role in the church is- from producer, lighting, to a pastor, or a church member- we need to be intentional about building relationships so we can share Jesus!



– As silly as it sounds- friends!

– I can’t tell you how many times I have scrolled through someone’s following list to only find other creatives and theologians. That is great, but social media isn’t simply about broadcasting information and receiving information separately. It is also a conversation. I’d encourage you to follow some local churches and local leaders. Follow some local businesses and strike up conversations!


Josh Williams

– You can also follow and connect with me- @jhwilliams. I’d love to answer any questions you have!

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