4 Things You Need to Do After Your Christmas Services are Over

Nobody ever told me that working for a church meant giving up your favorite holidays. Easter and Christmas were my JAM growing up. When I found out Santa wasn’t real, my parents let me eat his cookies. It was awesome. Christmas is still awesome, just in a different way.

First of all, we do seven celebrations on Christmas Eve.

Starting with tech rehearsal at 11am, and ending with our seventh “Silent Night” at 11pm. We’ve had 9,000 in worship on Christmas Eve. The scope of our expectations swell, as does the stress. The only way you see your family on Christmas week is if you make them act in your videos. And if you’re still earning your “tenure”, you’re probably working the weekend after Christmas, too.

Second of all, Christmas is Jesus’ birthday.

So every December my wife and I fight about money. How much for the kids? How much for the nieces and nephews? Brothers? Sisters? Mom and Dad? What about Uncle Randy? Well if we get something for Uncle Randy we need something for Aunt Diane. Whatever we want to spend, cut it in half because the rest is going to the Christmas “Miracle Offering”. Well, if we do that we can’t get presents for each other. That’s ok. No, that’s lame. Oh crap, we forgot about the kids’ birthday (I have twins born 12/12/12). Oh crap, my sisters birthday is 2 days before Christmas. Oh crap, we’re traveling out of state to visit family, too. Oh yeah, and I took off work that week so I’m getting paid less this month. Soooo how much are we giving to the “Miracle Offering”? Umm.. hmm. Negative $13.

Christmas is not easy when you work for a church.

BUT, there is joy in the sacrifices you make. My children will, by default, never grow accustomed to the culture of consumerism. The “Miracle Offering” will always get priority, and we will cut back in other areas. And serving alongside our friends on Christmas Eve is really one of my favorite things to do every year. So in the blip of a Sabbath you get after Christmas services are over, here are the four things you should do. Ready?


Thank your team, Drink some Water, Hug your Family, Go to Sleep.

Merry Christmas ☺

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