Creative Privilege

creative privilege

Creative Privilege

I was born in the United States.

I was born wealthy.

I was born white.

I was born male.


Those four statements have awarded me an incredible magnitude of privilege.

For example, take the following into consideration:


-I speak a language largely accepted as the global language (English)

-I have trash collection.

-I drink clean water

-I have ice

-I drive two cars. On paved roads.

-I have plumbing. Heating. Air Conditioning.

-I went to college.

-I have access to medical care and modern medicine

-I have glasses

-I can read and write

-I can use a computer

-I can afford to fly

-I have expanded my worldview through travel

In a very real sense, these are very real privileges. The list goes on and on. But perhaps my most valuable “accident of latitude and longitude” (to steal a quote from Bono), is access to quality education.

Education leads to opportunity.

Opportunity leads to experience.

Experience leads to knowledge.

Knowledge allows you to teach others.

Teaching others forms your legacy.

If it’s not good news for the poor, it’s not the gospel. @danniobracken Click To Tweet

If you are a church “creative” professional, I’m guessing your list of privileges is similar to mine.

I’ve been asking myself a question: “how does a white, (perspectively) wealthy, American, male, privileged video producer share the blessing”? With that comes a reminder: If it’s not good news for the poor, it’s not the gospel. Jesus’ mission statement comes out of the messianic passages of Isaiah (Isaiah 61:1-4) as read in Luke 4.

As Christian Communicators, we have a magnificent function in the body of Christ: In a multitude of ways, we get to remind people that God loves them. Whether it’s video screens, social media, postcards or podcasts, we’ve been given a platform–a megaphone–to combat darkness

“Privilege” has earned itself a bad rap. Probably because those who possess it don’t know how to share it. Privilege has made us blind. Instead of living into the gospel, we get comfortable. We unknowingly perpetuate ideologies that grow earthly kingdoms but not heavenly ones. For example, why is Sunday morning still the most segregated hour of the week? Maybe we’ve neglected diversity (if ONLY for the sake of diversity) in our productions. Why are capital investments prioritized when heroin addiction claims broken lives and refugees have nowhere to call home? Maybe we haven’t connected story-telling with what matters most. I am “simply a beggar, showing other beggars where to find bread” -D.T. Niles.

My prayer for you is two-fold. First, that you approach life with gratitude. There are thousands of things we take for granted every day. Second, that you embrace a spirit of humility. Recognize your holy position, and don’t squander your power to crack the system.

Embrace a spirit of humility. Recognize your holy position & your power to crack the system. @danniobracken Click To Tweet

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Senior Media Producer
Ginghamsburg Church | Tipp City, OH

Dan graduated from Asbury College in 2006 with a degree in media communication. A few months later, he joined the staff of Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, OH as a graphic design intern. After learning a thing or two over the years, Dan is now Senior Media Producer and leads a team of 80 unpaid media servants. Through his incredible creative ability, God has used him to change lives through the power of story. Dan lives in Tipp City, OH with his wife, Amy, and has 3 year old twins.