Finding Reality in a Cloud of Unknown

The year 2020 is behind us. Suddenly, we feel a great sense of relief and newness just because the calendar year changed. But in reality, is anything really different?

Have we suddenly emerged from the fog with a clear vision? For many of us, the truth is an astounding “no”. Life around us is still difficult. Things are still not “normal” like they previously were. It is just different. 

But what does that mean for us as believers? Does it mean that God is no longer fulfilling His great plan? Does it mean that He has suddenly stopped doing the things that we were previously experiencing when it was “good” for us? Absolutely not! In fact, God is still on His throne and still calling us to fulfill His plans for us. It’s time for us to step up and follow that calling and leading. It’s time for us to BE the person He has called us to be. 

So how do we do that? What does that look like? Let me encourage you to look at the following things and implement each of them in your life starting today: 

I know, I know. It sounds cliche, but when was the last time you actually prayed that God would show you His plan for your life? Are we fearful of what we might see? Or, do we feel like we wouldn’t be able to attain whatever it is that God has put before us? Sometimes, we just need to know the next step and not the whole picture. Let me encourage you to pray that God would give you exactly what you need to see right now and that you have the confidence and trust in Him to move toward that vision. Pray that you have the strength and ability to execute whatever tasks are needed to move toward that calling. Pray that He provides everything you need for His glory! 


Dig into books and resources to help you accomplish your calling. Studying scripture is the first place to go. Find words from the historical books, prophets, gospels, and even the early church that help you see how your calling fits into God’s overall plan. Follow that up by studying the faith of the men and women found in scripture like Abraham, Esther, Isaiah, Paul, and John. None of them were perfect but listened to what God called them to do and followed through. In addition to scripture, look at other books that can help you move forward and execute things. Some of my favorite authors (and this is not exhaustive) are John Acuff, Seth Godin, John Maxwell, Simon Sinek, Dan Miller, and Stephen Mansfield. 

3. DO
Now is not the time to be idle. It’s time to go do things. The Great Commission starts with the word “GO” for a reason. There is action involved. You must actually do something to move forward. So many times, I’m really good at the first two things (Pray and Study), but struggle with stepping out. My prayer is for you and me to be bold this year in doing things that matter. Let’s not just talk about and contemplate what it is that we are called to do. Let’s go and do it. Now is the time to start. 

4. BE
This is a simple word, but also the final word (and arguably, one of the most important). Be in God’s presence. Worship Him. Find His calling for you and BE in that. Don’t try to create your own calling or path. He has set the path out before you. Take the steps and simply BE in His presence, knowing that He has already prepared the way. Recognize Him for who He is – the creator and sustainer of all. Without Him, we are nothing.

So, after taking these ideas on, let me help you practically apply some easy (but effective) things to make a difference. Imagine where God wants you to be in 6 months or a year from now. Put a solid picture in your mind based on what He has revealed to you. Then look at where you are today. What is different? Write down those differences in detail. Make sure you specifically list the things that look different or require a change in your life to become what has been revealed.

Next, take those differences you wrote down and spread them out over the 6 months or year. Identify one or two of those differences to work on in the first month and go do it. Make it a habit. Change where you are now and move toward where you should be. Then work on those things that need to be done in the second month (while continuing the things from the first month). As you move toward the new you with each step, you’ll find yourself more and more in lockstep with God’s plan. But, if you don’t make any changes right now, then in 6 months, you will be exactly where you are currently. 

This year is a year to put aside fear and unknowns and trust God and His calling on each of us. Listen intently to Him and go and fulfill what He is asking of you. Make a difference in this life for His glory and His kingdom!