How To Stop Attracting Followers And Experience Amazing Growth

There are two types leaders.
Those who attract followers or those who attract leaders.

Talent is the natural part of leadership. You can buy talent, but you can’t buy chemistry. Getting great talent to buy into the goal, the win, the team, the organization is vital. So how do you do that?

Philippians 2:3-4 talks about always being aware of recognizing and promoting the gifts in a person. Your job as a leader is to see the unique and best qualities of each person and work towards developing that gift, setting people up to win using their unique gift, and allowing them to soar.

People who only know how to train followers will only grow based on their limited ability to supervise or manage those who they lead.

So how do you know if you are developing leaders who attract leaders or followers?

  • Leaders who attract followers tend to:
    Fear empowering others
    Wait for approval or direction
    Need high touch management
    Desire disproportionate recognition for ordinary accomplishments
    Focus on the weaknesses of others
    Identify problems without solutions
    Experience moderate success in most things
    Make fear-based decisions

Leaders that attract other leaders are selfless and recognize the power of unbelievable teams. These type of leaders move from being players to coaches to general managers to owners.

Leaders who attract leaders also grow beyond their ability and create amazing cultures for advancement and development.

  • Leaders who attract leaders tend to:
    Be self-starters
    Find ways to improve ‘things’ without being asked
    Always looking for opportunities to grow
    Want people around them that know more and are smarter than they are
    Give recognition away as fast as possible
    Are extremely self-aware
    Focus on the strengths of their teams
    Tend to be low maintenance
    Know how to bring people together
    Experience success in almost everything they do

Finally, as a leader, you are always either replicating or reproducing.

A leader who replicates themselves in others mirrors the gifts in their life, but also the weaknesses.

When a leader reproduces themselves, they deposit the best parts of themselves into others and allow the gifts and weaknesses in the developing leader a chance to be seen and amplified.

What type of leader are you choosing to be?