Satan’s Lie

I just finished writing my book on finding your creative potential. There’s a section of the book that I called ‘Satan’s Lie’ that is so important to the creative process, that I wanted to share a few thoughts. Here’s the part that’s in the book:

Satan has never created anything.

Look at Genesis. There’s no doubt in my mind that God created all things on heaven and earth, which means we can’t take our creative insight from someone who has never created a single thing. That would be like trying to learn how to swim from someone who has never been near water. That’s insanity. Therefore, we can’t model creativity after the lie that Satan is giving us.

Every season of creativity I enter, I find that Satan is trying to encourage me to “stop, steal and borrow” so I will be perceived as perfect in someone else’s eyes. He’s used every sort of doubt, fear, and insecurity to show me how far from perfect I am. But I can’t let him do this, because his only hope is that I stop any attempt from creating. And in stopping my desire to create, the enemy steals my ability to become the image bearer of a creative God.

No matter how long someone has been following God, there’s always going to be this nagging lie that Satan wants you to think: that you need someone else’s gifts. Believing this lie will rob you of your own potential, but also rob you of an opportunity to grow closer to God and trust Him in his timing and his process. 

Whenever we’re trying to maximize the use of our gifts, we need to work like it’s all up to us, but pray as if we know it’s entirely up to God. This perfect combination will allow us to increase our work ethic, maximize our drive and allow us to be great stewards of our calling, while not trying to over control and over complicate our situation at hand. When we work with our hands toward heaven in an open surrender posture of the heart, we acknowledge before men and before God that He is in control.

Here are a few quick thoughts on how you can ignore Satan’s lie: 

1. Call It Out.
The more you’re able to call this what it is, Satan’s Lie, the more you’ll be able to know the true source of the lie and not be as tempted to give into it when it comes calling. 

2. Tune Your Ear to God’s Voice.
The more time you spend in God’s presence, the more you’ll be familiar with His voice rather than the voice of the world or the lie that satan is feeding us. How do you do this? Through prayer, worship and spending time in The Word by yourself. 

3. Find Your Tribe.
You and I were never meant to work out the God-given calling in our life on our own. We were meant to be in relationship with others. Even God-himself modeled this on our behalf. It’s not God 1-in-1, but God, 3-in-1. Which means God shows us our need for community by collaborating with himself. 

God models community for us in the fact he choose to be a 3-in-1 God. @lukemcelroy Click To Tweet

I hope you don’t give into believing Satan’s lie over your life, and you begin to step into the uniqueness that God has destined for you. I pray that you’re able to step into your calling with confidence and you’re able to find the fullness of your creative potential. 

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