SWOT For Organizations With A Large % of Post COVID Staff

Because of so much transition over the past two years, the majority of staff in many organizations have no organizational knowledge or experience of the pre COVID years. The church I work at, The Life Church Church, is one of these organizations.

TLCC has operated as an organization for thirty years but the vast majority of staff have only been with us for less than three years. Two thirds of our staff only know our post COVID reality.  This is shocking. So I created a SWOT for our staff with one major idea in each category. 

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This basic SWOT helps the growing list of organizations in this formative position. Sharing in case your organization has recently experienced a large degree of staff transitions.

  • Strength: Enthusiasm – Most staff enter an 18 month honeymoon phase after their hire date. Allow this enthusiasm to spread across the organization and invigorate seasoned staff. One way to do this is asking new team members to articulate why they joined the organization at all staff meetings. 
  • Weakness: Awareness – Knowledge of past processes will be thin. It will take time for staff to fully be aware of what needs to get accomplished and how to get it done. Document your systems and structures as you go so the new round of staff doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. 
  • Opportunity: Innovation – The large influx of staff will have new ideas. Listen to these and apply ones that accomplish the mission. Release outdated methods that no longer get you to the goal line. 
  • Threat: DNA – What was once clear has become opaque. This means you need to double down on your communication of culture over the next year. Vision leaks for all staff members, especially for those that are still trying to grasp it.