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Well it seems that I have been away forever but am glad to be back on the twelve:thirty blog to share some thoughts with you. In dealing with some heart issues, it is good to “be back in the saddle again” as it were, as we find ourselves as a nation in more turmoil that it has probably seen in 50 or so years.

I know there are politicians that say “America is still great” and “America is unified” but if we were unified then why is there so much death in the streets of our nation with the alleged killings of African Americans, and the public attacks and slayings of our law enforcement community that each and everyday willingly sacrifice their lives to keep us all safe. Then there is the war on terror with the attacks in Orlando, those in Germany, France and in other nations that ally with America being attacked by fundamentalist terrorists. Does all this make America great? Does all this make us unified? I would think not, but think that we have some work to do as a nation to stand together against terror and violence.

But yet what fuels all of this? Simple. The news media itself fuels these controversies in not just covering the stories but by sharing their opinions about each and every incident. One politician including our President says that we need to get guns out of the streets. Another says we need to uphold the constitution and allow Americans the right to bear arms. I believe in our constitution and what it stands for and for those media outlets that say “Guns should be banned” are totally missing the point.  I have never seen a gun run down the street on its own and shoot someone. Someone was always holding the gun and it is the hearts and lives of people that need to be controlled because those who promote violence and want violence are going to do just like those who use illegal drugs. They will find a way to get to them especially with radical extremists not afraid to try and get them into our nation to try and destroy it.

Finally if our nation is so great today, then why is there fighting in the streets and courtrooms even here in North Carolina over where a person can use a public restroom? The system has always worked like it has been so we should be trying to fix things that are not broken.

So the message must change. May we use the media that God has given us to reach the hearts of those who are bitter, full of unforgiveness and hatred for the cause of Jesus Christ!! Yes I realize not everyone will accept it as Jesus said in Matthew 7:14: “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Reason being is because many love sin more than righteousness.

May we use the media that God has given us to reach bitter & unforgiving hearts. @PastorBarry86 Click To Tweet

However, we must do our best to do His work faithfully that we might make a difference for Him and in our nation!

We must do our best to do His work faithfully that we might make a difference in our nation @PastorBarry86 Click To Tweet

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